Here you will find pictures for some projects we have completed. We’ve performed detailed analysis and construction (including sector maps for sun, wind and view; to-scale drawings of layouts and planting locations; and habitat / wildlife descriptions). We have also advised on budget solutions, helping our customers for a fraction of the cost!

Herb Spirals

Taking our advice, one of our customers requested a herb spiral for their front lawn. They thought it looked beautiful, and we couldn’t agree more! The best part? They use home-grown, heirloom, and beyond-organic herbs in almost every meal. And they’re drying the rest for winter.

Another customer had a smaller front yard, so they decided to build the spiral in their back yard. Choosing a picturesque spot, and opting for a budget solution, they now enjoy fresh herbs as their kids play ball. Their herbs are safe from rampant destruction.

Backyard Scapes and Beds

A customer was tired of an unproductive back yard that required constant maintenance. They decided to ask for help transforming their back yard to an edible landscape. Focusing on the long run, we decided on a mix of annuals and perennials. The family of four enjoy lush salads now, comfortable that in the coming years their garden will only grow in productivity. We should mention that their yard is partly shaded and very small: a townhouse surrounded by other houses. So we optimized their planting locations to match plants to sun requirements. See for yourself how their garden is flourishing!

No request is too small! Companion planting ensures that all plants are better off. It also wards away pests naturally. Below are two raised bed projects that we advised and help build. The family got their kids involved too!

Closing The Loop

If you’re not using fertilizers, how will you get plants the nutrition they need? We can help you close the loop using sustainable (and very nourishing!) practises. These include mushroom farms, worm farms, Bokashi composting, and many more!