Our Story

More than just a hobby, we believe that our gardens should sustain us and should themselves be self-sustaining. And all the while whenever we walk by a front yard that is well landscaped, there is a deep sense of appreciation and beauty. We began by asking: can we join the two? Can we have a yard that is both beautiful and productive?

Vegetable Patches?

We’re all familiar with the raised garden bed. Having to order in many yards of soil, build a perimeter for the bed, buy multiple plant seedlings every year, etc. etc. And what does it all lead to? Maybe a salad every week? A few strawberries? A couple of zucchinis and tomatoes? Putting in so much work year after year in our yards for such little output just doesn’t seem natural and is very demoralizing. It’s not aesthetic and we might as well drive to the nearby Big Ag grocery for our food!

Grocery Stores?

But is the grocery the best option? It is a simple one-stop shop for food that is relatively low cost. But when you read Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food you realize that the “low cost” is actually paid for by wanton destruction of our natural world. It is a cost that is paid for by starving our bodies of good, wholesome, and nutritious food.

Rewinding the damage that we have done to our world starts by our individual decisions. Every time we eat from what we have produced ourselves we lessen the amount we eat from a land that is sickly. In effect, our reduced demand of Big Ag forces a reduction in a monoculture that is fuelled by oil, pesticides, and the unfair treatment of local farmers.

We started this company with the aim of helping people transition. The starting point for this transformation is an investment in oneself and one’s land. In the long run, that investment pays itself many times over: reduced utility bills, reduced spending on food, a stronger immune system, better nutrition. A healthy, long, and vigorous life.

With this in mind we are offering a course through which we bring our philosophy to life. It is practical, immediately practicable, and is guaranteed to have a life-long impact. We also offer our professional services to help design and implement an ecological garden, doing all the initial infrastructure and planning for you!